Exhibitions at Shelly Centre

Promote your company!

The Shelly Centre invites you to promote your brand at the South Coast’s shopping centre of choice. The beauty of an exhibition is that it gives customers something that other marketing methods lack – AN EXPERIENCE!!

Visitors to your stand will have the opportunity to experience your products, services, programmes and personnel first hand. Customers want to touch, hear, see, taste and smell and at an exhibition they have the opportunity to explore more of these senses than they do with any other form of marketing. Allowing customers to explore your product or service and interacting with them in a tangible environment lays the foundations for long lasting sales relationships.

Exhibition Courts & Rates

Court No. Exhibition Area Mon – Sun (Week) Fri – Sun (3 Days)
1 Woolworths Court | 8 m2 R 5 000.00 R 3 800.00
2 HUB Court | 6 m2 R 4 000.00 R 3 100.00
3 Centre Court | 72 m2   R 10 000.00 R 7 300.00
4 NWJ Court | 6 m2 R 4 500.00 R 3 600.00
  Electricity only available in courts with power indicator. The above rates are exclusive of VAT.
To make a booking please contact cavell@mseed.co.za | +27 (39) 315 1304