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Featured Stores

Whatever it is that your heart desires, the Shelly Centre offers a treasure trove of shopping options and delights. Take time out from the anxieties of life and immerse yourself in the luxuries of retail therapy where the environment is relaxing and friendly.

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Cape Union Mart
Tel: 031 003 3948
Shop No: 83
Tel: 081 171 1387
Shop No: 31
Tel: 081 171 1434
Shop No: 27

Eating out at Shelly Centre

Featured Restaurants and Eateries

Feast on an array of food options... from unique coffee shops, through to tried and trusted national restaurants, we have something to suit every palette.

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Cafe Gigi’s
Cafe Gigi’s
Tel: 039 315 6444
Shop No: 47
Cosy's Biltong
Cosy's Biltong
Tel: 039 315 7007
Shop No: 21
Deli Café
Deli Café
Tel: 039 315 6613
Shop No: 51
Dolly's Home Industry
Dolly's Home Industry
Tel: 072 386 8358
Shop No: 79
Donut Doree
Donut Doree
Tel: 039 315 7536
Shop No: 33A
John Dory's
John Dory's
Tel: 039 315 7449
Shop No: 111
Tel: 039 315 6996
Shop No: 96
Mugg & Bean
Mugg & Bean
Tel: 039 315 1644
Shop No: 12
Tel: 039 315 7522
Shop No: 112
Pick n Pay
Pick n Pay
Tel: 039 315 1291
Shop No:
Pick n Pay Liquors
Pick n Pay Liquors
Tel: 039 315 1277
Shop No: 33
Tel: 039 315 1444
Shop No: 93 A & B
Steers & Debonairs
Steers & Debonairs
Tel: 039 315 7096
Shop No: 110
The Spice Shop
The Spice Shop
Tel: 039 315 6227
Shop No: 8
Tel: 039 315 5672
Shop No: 43


  • Dragon Rider [2d] now showing at Shelly Centre
  • Greenland [2d] now showing at Shelly Centre
  • Mulan [2d] now showing at Shelly Centre
  • Scoob now showing at Shelly Centre
  • Tenet now showing at Shelly Centre
  • Trolls: World Tour (3d) now showing at Shelly Centre
  • Unhinged [2d] now showing at Shelly Centre
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Movies at Shelly Centre

Showcasing the very latest in global cinema technology, our six fully digital cinemas offer our movie-going audience heightened picture quality and state-of-the-art surround sound for a greatly enhanced viewing experience. Audiences can also catch their favourite blockbusters in larger-than-life 3D...

Ster-Kinekor at Shelly Centre
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